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Although most commonly utilized in the early intervention space, routines are a powerful context for building language and communication skills for learners of all ages. This template was adapted from other readily available, free resources to modify the routines-based intervention framework to include AAC and expand to learners from birth forward. This template can be used by partners in all roles (teams, caregivers) to establish an AAC modeling plan that puts motivating and functional routines at the center and focuses on building receptive and expressive communication capacities through predictable language that is well-matched to the learner’s motivations, skills, and needs.  Consider using this template alongside other intervention resources on AACcessible to help you build your capacity to coach teams and families in supporting AAC at home.  Not sure where to start?  Download the template and then head over to our training tab to enroll in one or more of several professional and partner development courses that can assist your ability to use tools like these to strengthen the impact of your AAC work. 

Routines-Based AAC Teaching Plan Template

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