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This three page, fillable PDF offers caregivers and professionals a way to consider a wide variety of motivations and preferences for complex communicators. The prompts on this survey go beyond toys and food as incentives to communicate and encourage communication partners to put themselves into the perspective of the complex communicator and to identify sources of joy and motivation that can then be used as contexts for communication learning. Use this survey as a caregiver to help you focus on words that go along with sources of joy. Use this as a professional for the same purpose, and to identify contexts for communication intervention that center on the interests and motivations of the communicator and those closest to them. You can print out this digital download to complete with a pen or pencil or fill it out in a PDF viewer.  Professionals, this is free to share with families but should not be distributed to other professionals as this download offers a single use license. 


Learn more about the importance of joy, motivation, and engagement in AAC intervention in one of our upcoming trainings!

Motivation & Joy Survey for Complex Communicators

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