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If you're new to AAC, you might what to start here to get an overview of what AAC is, how it helps children communicate, and what you might expect on the AAC journey.  As you move forward with AAC, you may encounter bumps along the way and find that you need more support, skills, tools, and information.  We are here to help you find your way on your own AAC Journey, whether you are a professional or a caregiver supporting an AAC user.  Subscribe to stay in the Loop on Courses, Tools, and more to guide you and keep you inspired!

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Whether you are a professional or a caregiver, these AAC Path Pages will give you great starting points for each step along the way in your AAC Journey.  Each Path Page outlines a specific element of the AAC assessment  and learning process with embedded tools and resource links to build on your foundation of AAC know-how.  

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We offer comprehensive, step-wise training series to give parents and professionals the knowledge and skills they need to navigate the AAC Journey.  Choose a free or low cost, live or recorded webinar that meets your needs. 

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Find free and low cost resources and tools to make AAC implementation easier.  Tools include digital forms, templates, and how-to guides on various AAC topics.  

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Get inspired and gain new how-to knowledge with our original and curated video collections on YouTube. 

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Add to your online learning here at AACcessible by attending other AAC events around the world.  Visit our events page for links to annual AAC events that we enjoy, and we think you will too!