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An AAC Guide is an speech-language pathologist (SLP) or other qualified communication professional who has the license, training, skills, and experience to conduct AAC assessments and provide AAC implementation support to children and their families. 

An AAC Guide is also an AAC user or the family member of a user, who has the experience and skills to offer mentorship and support to families who are  new to  the AAC Journey.  We offer this AACcessible Directory to help families and professionals connect.  All listings in the guide were submitted voluntarily by the individual or organization and are not endorsed by or directly affiliated with AACcessible.  If you choose to seek support from an individual in this directory, you are encouraged to do the necessary research to assure the competence and safety of interacting with that individual in a professional or personal relationship.  All who volunteer to be listed in the directory must be 18 years of age or older.  Those who volunteer o join the directory understand that they are resenting their personal information publicly on the internet an that this may lead to unwelcome communication from spammers or others.  


Get resources & training to become an AAC Guide


List yourself in our  Directory to help families connect with you.  


Access to AAC for all requires the support of a village.

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