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AAC Tip Talks Episode #4: Why Light Tech AAC is a Must

Updated: Apr 2, 2022

Welcome to our fourth episode of AAC Tip Talks, a series of vlogs (video blogs) and a podcast (because we want you to learn your way!) offering tips for professionals and partners supporting people who use AAC. Each talk is a quick chat designed to give some initial strategies and connect you with resources to continue your learning. All AAC Tip Talks are offered by Mentors from across the global community. You can watch the full chat below or on our YouTube Channel. If you'd rather listen in, tune in to our AAC Tip Talks podcast.

Our last episode in the series (Sensory Stories +) brought a creative, inspiring, and developmentally rooted perspective on enhancing the shared reading experience for communicators with complex needs using the senses. Joanna Grace offered her unique perspective as an Autistic adult and an expert in sensory accessibility and inclusion, sharing the highlights of her work at The Sensory Projects in the United Kingdom. Joanna is a bright light for communicators with sensory preferences and differences and truly inspired me to include more sensory-rich story experiences for my students. Check out her story at the link above!

In this episode, the bright light continues as we tackle some simple but often-overlooked benefits of light tech AAC with the ever-charismatic and compassionate AAC SLP, Brandi Lee Wentland of We Speak AAC. Brandi was incredibly generous with her time earlier this month and we sat down for an early evening chat to explore her thoughts, experiences, and expertise in light tech AAC for all communicators, even those with high tech systems already in place and working well. I felt like Brandi and I were old friends catching up on lost time and geeking out on AAC stuff we hold close to our hearts! It was a fun and resonating chat full of smiles, laughs, and lots of head nods! I was excited to learn of Brandi's global outreach partnerships, a new podcast she's teaming up on, some awesome free AAChat events underway, and a much awaited online training series set to launch in early August! This gal is busy bringing tons of great AAC service to our little community! The bottom line of this month's real talk with Brandi? Get some light tech AAC going for your communicator, here's how, and here's why!

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Keep On Learning

If you enjoyed this AAC Tip Talk, you can go beyond the tip of the AAC iceberg and dive deeper into a range of AAC-related topics with Brandi at the the online AAC academy by We Speak AAC!

Demystifying AAC

Online Learning Series

New to AAC and feeling a bit overwhelmed by it all? Brandi has a gentle and organized course to take the grey hair out of your early journey!

Don't miss the live (on-demand option also available), 4 week training series in August, 20221!

Free WeSpeak AAChat Events

Parents and pros, there is still time to join Brandi's weekly events geared around practical support for AAC users. Check out the lineup here.

An Exceptional AAC Leader Indeed

Get more inspiration from Brandi and other AAC leaders in this recently released book!

Learn More about other products and projects mentioned in this episode:

Have inspiring light tech AAC experiences to share with others? Post in the comments or leave us a voice message on Spotify!


Brandi Lee Wentland is an SLP and founder of We Speak AAC. She receives some income through book sales, products sold on Teachers Pay Teachers, and through her paid courses on We Speak AAC. She is also the US distributor for PicSeePal Brandi was not paid for her participation in this talk. AACcessible did not receive any royalties from the sale of Brandi's courses, products, or PicSeePal. AACcessible may receive a portion of the sales of the book linked above as an Amazon affiliate link was placed there. All proceeds earned from the Amazon affiliate links on AACcessible are contributed to mission projects. The views expressed in this video, podcast episode, and the products and services linked here are those of the guest and not AACcessible or its board. Please address questions or concerns about the content of this post to

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