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AAC Tip Talks Episode #5: AAC Mentoring Tips with Lydia Dawley

Welcome to our fourth episode of AAC Tip Talks, a series of vlogs (video blogs) and a podcast (because we want you to learn your way!) offering tips for professionals and partners supporting people who use AAC. Each talk is a quick chat designed to give some initial strategies and connect you with resources to continue your learning. All AAC Tip Talks are offered by Mentors from across the global community. You can watch the full chat below or on our YouTube Channel. If you'd rather listen in, tune in to our AAC Tip Talks podcast.

In this episode, we are spotlighting an awesome episode that originally aired in October, 2021. AAC user, entrepreneur, and AAC interaction specialist/mentor, Lydia Dawley, shares her own experience with AAC mentoring and provides tips to AAC users looking to offer or receive mentoring. Lydia shares her own story alongside practical advice around self-advocacy, accessing AAC, and more. This is a must see/listen for parents, professionals, and AAC users alike. Thank you Lydia for sharing your wisdom with us!

Watch the Episode

Listen to the Episode

Keep On Learning

Lydia is a leader the AAC Community, offering many resources through her website and social media channels. Check out some of Lydia's projects below.

Click. Speak. Connect

Click.Speak.Connect provides consultation to professionals, parents, & AAC users to promote improve access to and user experience with AAC technologies. Visit C.S.C. to learn more about consultation, public speaking offerings, events, and more related to peer to peer mentoring in AAC. You can also connect with Lydia's social media channels at this, her main website.

NadPen Stylus for AAC Access

Lydia created a stylus to help individuals better access their AAC and other touch screen technology. NadPen is adaptable for multiple grip positions and has an interchangeable tip for use with any mobile device. Learn more about this innovative product (which Lydia herself uses to access her AAC) and purchase a NadPen bundle at the C.S.C. site.

Are you an AAC user with a story to share or mentoring tips you want everyone to know? Post in the comments or leave us a voice message on Spotify!


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