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Falling in Love with AAC Word Maps

If you're a busy SLP like me, you're always looking for great resources and therapy ideas that can meet the needs of multiple clients on your caseloads. I recently came upon the AACcessible AAC Word Maps, and instantly fell in love with them! I currently have children and adults on my caseload whose language abilities range from emergent learners to independent communicators.

Here's my first Word Map Tip: When you initially look at the Word Maps, the amount of vocabulary words can be a bit overwhelming. To best meet the needs of my student, I highlight three words on the page and instruct the client and their caregiver to just focus on those words. This way it’s a more manageable amount and more likely to be carried over by the client and their family. Sometimes families will come back and report “We had so much fun with these and worked on 5 words.!" Other families report “This week was crazy but we placed the handout on the fridge and look at it every time we walk by.” Either outcome is acceptable as it met the family where they were and what was best for them.

Come back to the Loop often for some quick video examples of ways to use AAC Word Maps to building language throughout the day, every day!

How are you using AAC Word Maps? We want to learn from you!

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Gemma White
Gemma White
Feb 15, 2021

Mar 14, 2021
Replying to

I agree, snow is such an amazing sensory and social experience, lending itself well to language growth! We have a Word Map for Snow Play to help guide fmailies during this motivating routine :)

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