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We have hundreds of students in the AAC Assessment Compass Training classroom.  Check out what our student say about this comprehensive and practical training series.  

Have you take the AACAC Training Series?  Rate it!

average rating is 4.5 out of 5, based on 150 votes, People love it
Young Woman

Lisa, SLP

The content in this training has been so amazing and taught in a manner that is accessible and easy to understand.

I love this course!!

Day School Teacher

Dana, AT Professional

I am really enjoying these classes and am finding your information more applicable than what I am currently learning in my AT Masters program. Thank you so much.

Young Businessman

Michael, Educator

This course is SO fantastic! It is clear that Tanna has a command of the subject matter and communicates that in a very clear, succinct and engaging way!

Smiling Middle Aged Woman

Teri, BCBA

Fabulous class, thank you so much! It was nice to learn more about AAC from an SLP perspective. As a BCBA in Ontario, we often play a vital role when it comes to system selection which is something I know very little about, so I found this class to be particularly helpful.

Portrait of Young Man

Tim, SLP

This has been the most helpful professional development in AAC that I have come across. I am finding it more helpful than my current coursework in Assistive Technology.

Middle Aged Woman

Betty, Educator

I loved the flow of this class and felt everything presented was useful for immediate integration into practice.

Young Woman with Smart Outfit

Cynthia, SLP

This series is just amazing. I have learned so much. I have recommended it to countless others. Best money and time I have spent on professional development and growth in a long time!

Woman with Eyeglasses


This is the best class I have taken on this subject. You are great teacher/coach. Thank you!

Woman Among Trees

Sharon, SLP, AT Pro

This was an AMAZING class!  The principles reflected what I use in my current practice and the material covered gave me lots of things to incorporate into my day-to-day practice. I highly recommend this course!! 

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