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About AAC Path Pages

About  This Resource

AAC Path Pages are a collection of resource pages providing information on various elements of the  augmentative and alternative (AAC) assessment and intervention process.  These resources are for professionals and caregivers supporting communicators with complex needs who are developing communication and language skills through the use of AAC tools and strategies. Content on these pages was adapted from the former UW AugCom website with the permission of the primary author and reflects information developed and curated by Dr. Patricia Dowden at the University of Washington.  This foundation has been supplemented by contributors at AACcessible based on evidenced-based practice in the fields of early intervention, AAC, and speech-language pathology as of the copyright date indicated. Read disclaimer

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Dr. Dowden

About Dr. Patricia Dowden

Dr. Dowden is a senior lecturer emeritus who dedicated her career to the specialty of augmentative and alternative communication.  Dr. Dowden retired from the University of Washington Speech and Hearing Sciences Department in the Summer of 2019 where she blessed countless colleagues, graduate students, and communicators with her humble presence, compassionate perspective, and academic and clinical gifts.  She has published in several peer-reviewed journals on various topics related to supporting children and adults on their journey to communicative independence.  She developed the Continuum of Communication Independence, a framework used in many AAC assessment and intervention approaches taught today, as well as in the foundation for several language selection tools offered within well-known AAC systems.  Her work was housed on the UW AugCom website, launched in 1999, and migrated here to AACcessible to preserve its presence in the AAC community. Dr. Dowden is a pioneer in the field of AAC and a remarkable clinician who truly exemplifies person-centered care and evidence-based practice in the field of AAC.  We extend immense gratitude to Dr. Dowden for her contributions to the field and for her generosity in allowing AACcessible to keep her important work available for students and professionals for years to come.  

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The information provided on these pages is intended for educational and awareness purposes and does not serve assessment, diagnostic, or intervention purposes in the absence of  services provided by a certified, licensed, and skilled communication professional.  The material is intended to educate the knowledgeable reader about new research and clinical findings in certain select specialty areas. Although all efforts will be made to keep this resource accurate and current, we make no guarantees with respect to the completeness, accuracy or timeliness of this information. This resource should not be considered a substitute for peer-reviewed literature in this specialty and all readers are encouraged to obtain additional learning through literature review and training.

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