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AAC Tip Talks Episode #1: Partner Coaching Tips

Welcome to our firs episode of AAC Tip Talks, a series of vlogs (video blogs) offering tips for professionals and partners supporting people who use AAC. Each talk is a quick chat designed to give some initial strategies and connect you with resources to continue your learning. All AAC Tip Talks are offered by AAC Mentors from across the global AAC community.

This first episode in the series brings practical and person-centered strategies for supporting communication partners as they support AAC users. Dr. Jane Remington-Gurney of Options Communication Therapy and Training Centre in Queensland offers her wisdom and expertise as a seasoned AAC SLP and mentor. I met with Dr. Remington-Gurney for an engaging hour a few months ago and had the pleasure of learning about her evidence-based and family-centered philosophy on supporting communication partners. Dr. Remington-Gurney brings a thoughtful perspective rooted in dynamic systems theory and centered on meeting families where they are. You can watch the full talk with Dr. Remington-Gurney below. You can also access an audio only episode on our podcast page and at the end of this post, along with information about the online trainings offered at Options.

Watch the Episode

Listen to the Episode

Keep On Learning

-If you enjoyed this AAC Tip Talk, you can go beyond the tip of the partner coaching iceberg and dive deeper into this valuable topic in Dr. Remington-Gurney's online course series. Click the links below to access a detailed outline of the course, including cost and registration information.

A note from Dr. Remington-Gurney about these online, on-demand trainings:

Hi, I’m Dr. Jane Remington-Gurney and I am pleased to be able to share the same passion of the team at AACcessible. That is, to make information about Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) readily available to everyone who has a role conversing and interacting with users of AAC. For many years I presented face to face workshops and helped people develop their knowledge, skill, and experience in aided and unaided communication. But people could not take away all the workshop content information and refer to the whole workshop whenever they wanted to. So, I developed a series of online courses to address this need while also making the courses affordable, self-paced and fun.

Each course is tiered so that the essential foundation information for AAC is shared through an audio-slide presentation and a referenced document. In addition, there are activity sheets, PDF articles and resources to equip participants in their journey towards Being a Better Communication Partner.

Interested in mentoring with Dr. Jane Remington-Gurney? This resource has info on mentoring options.

Mentoring with Options Online Training P
Download • 15KB

What are your AAC partner coaching philosophy and tips? Share in the comments or leave us a voice message on Spotify!


AACcessible received a complimentary registration to this training series for the purpose of exploring its style and evidence-base. AACcessible does not receive royalties from Options for course registration. The opinions expressed in this episode and in the trainings offered by Options are those of the author and host and do not reflect those of AACcessible or its board members. Every effort has been made to assure the quality and efficacy of the content shared in this episode and at the course links shared by the guest. Please email with concerns or questions regarding the episode.

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Dale Ehrhart
Dale Ehrhart
Apr 27, 2021

My daughter had 16 years of Ballet. I always marveled about what her teachers noticed. When started some self-defense classes in her late late teens those teachers remarked about her ability to apply motion and position corrections.

Replying to

Hi Dale,

It seems to be SO important to embed a good awareness of body and movement? I think what the dance also does is provide great foundations for timing and pacing of movement. Thanks for your comment😊

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