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AAC Tip Talks Episode #7: AAC & CVI with an SLP & TVI Dream Team

Welcome to our seventh episode of AAC Tip Talks, a series of vlogs (video blogs) and a podcast (because we want you to learn your way!) offering tips for professionals and partners supporting people who use AAC. Each talk is a quick chat designed to give some initial strategies and connect you with resources to continue your learning. All AAC Tip Talks are offered by Mentors from across the global community. You can watch the full chat below or on our YouTube Channel. If you'd rather listen in, tune in to our AAC Tip Talks podcast.

If you are an SLP, Educator, or Caregiver working with children with complex communication needs, you likely have more unknowns in your toolbox than knowns. Perhaps you're wondering: What is CVI exactly? Why is it important to consider CVI needs in AAC assessment and intervention? Can't I just make everything red an yellows? If you are looking for guidance to help children with known or suspected cortical visual impairment (CV() as they learn to access language with AAC, this is the episode to get you started! Debbie and Sandy offer a starting point for working with these unique kids alongside tons of resources to keep your learning and practical application going.

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Learn More about AAC & CVI

If you are looking for a practical framework to support children with complex communication needs that include known or suspect cortical visual impairment (CVI), join us for an awesome online learning series with Debbie & Sandy, launching in May!

This four part series offers 8 hours of learning, broken into four two hour sessions. Topics will cover supporting children at different phases of CVI using AAC tools & strategies that are tailored to their individual profiles. You'll learn from engaging speakers and practical video case examples. You can attend live or watch class recordings on our AAC Academy learning platform.

Learn more & enroll for live or on-demand access to this awesome learning series below.

Resources Mentioned in this Episode

Find links to the resources mentioned in this episode below. If I mentioned done, please let me know in the comments!

Books to Check Out

(affiliate links- if you purchase from our affiliate links, a donation is made to support AACcessible mission projects)

by Dr. Christine Roman-Lantzy

by Dr. Christine Roman-Lantzy

Articles & Handouts to Check Out

Dr. Newcomb's research article on the reliability of the assessment tool: The CVI Range. Access an abstract here.

AAC & CVI: Beyond Red & Yellow (article by Debbie on Closing the Gap - you'll need Solutions membership access)

Websites Mentioned

Have you seen our Vision and AAC Resource section at the Stacks? Check it out here, we add new resources across each section of the Stacks regularly! If you have a resource related to vision, visual impairment, or CVI, please share in the comments and we will add it to the collection!

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